Introduction of SKILLCOIN


Proof of your qualities and skills SKILLCOIN will solve it.


SKILLCOIN is Japanese cryptocurrency that provides distributed platforms in human resources · recruitment market.that can prove own job skill possessed by an individual to a third party using block chain technology.

Eliminate the mismatch due to the gap between the skills that companies are seeking and the skills that actual job seekers have.Such mismatch is a big problem affecting productivity and unemployment rate of society as a whole, and SKILLCOIN solves these problems.


By using block chain technology It is possible to give credibility to information such as individual’s skills and career.


Cause of unemployment

・Decline in demand for labor due to recession at the macroeconomic level, resulting in demand shortage unemployment.
・Mutual lack of information on the part of job seekers and employers as individuals leave one position to seek another, resulting in frictional unemployment.
・Disparity between the qualities employers seek in an employee and the attributes and skills that job seekers possess, resulting in mismatch unemployment.

Resolve mismatch

1. User Registration
To use the service, individual user accounts are created in which the user registers their identity and professional affiliations to their profile.

2. Skill Description
Users personally enter their current skills, most recent achievements, etc. (Exact format still under development). Each entry and update adds information to the user’s professional resume.

3. Request for Skill Validation
Users send a request to verify the entered skill information to a well-acquainted third party (ex. former co-worker, etc). Notifications of verification requests will be sent via email. In the event that individuals who receive requests are not yet registered with the SKILLCOIN platform, they will also receive an invite to register via mail.

4. Approval of Skill Validation Request
Users who receive verification requests check the content of the requesting user’s reported skills, and barring any issues, confirm them. In case of discrepancy, users will also have the option to deny verification requests. After receiving verification confirmation from two or more third parties, official verification is completed. It is not possible to receive confirmation from the same user twice in a row.

5. Registry to the Blockchain
When the skill information is officially verified, hash value identify that data is registered to the blockchain, along with the addresses of the verifying parties.



Members belonging to DeNA who is famous in Japan for mobile game development and SNS management, and members who previously belonged to Yahoo are involved.

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・SKIILCOIN homepage

・SKIILCOIN whitepaper