SKILLCOIN News part1



Summary of news since SKILLCOIN was released.It is introduced in various media in Japan.

An article about SKILLCOIN was uploaded from CAREER HACK.

The theme 「To the era when the lie of the resume is find out in a moment」.Users create profiles and describe the skills and job history they possess. Whether the skill is justified, have you “approve” to prove from others. An article that describes skill coin information, etc.

Mr. Mizutani, CEO of SKILL Inc., was give a presentation in CRYPTONOMICS TOKYO 2018.

Mr. Mizutani, CEO of SKILL Inc., participated in CRYPTONOMICS TOKYO 2018 held on June 30, 2018 and made a presentation about SKILLCOIN.

In CRYPTONOMICS TOKYO 2018, the keyword repeatedly spoken through the event is “token economy”, and discussion on how block chain technology will be utilized in the future rather than a speculative cryptocurrency will be active It was done.

Mr. Mizutani’s impressions

An article about SKILLCOIN was uploaded from Careerconnection News.

In the article of Careerconnection News, Mizutani says「By using SKILLCOIN services, there is no fraud claiming to have skills, although they do not actually have skills.」

SKILLCOIN service will be released in 2020 after demonstration experiment.




Introduction of SKILLCOIN