Introduction of ExcaliburCoin

What is ExcaliburCoin?

“We want to support as many creators as possible”

EXCo prepares a place for creators to send works on the stage of a wider world and to gain a reputation with the theme of “connecting with the world”.


ExcaliburCoin is Japanese cryptocurrency that support creators of all genres through ExcaliburCoin acting on other broadcasters and connecting with other creators.

1. Going between creators
2. Going between creators and their fans
3. Connecting creators to industries

Usecase of ExcaliburCoin

1.Use of Payment at work submission online service “Fantasfic”
2.Use of Tipping at work submission online service “Fantasfic”
3.Advertisement use at the work submission type online service “Fantasfic”

ExcaliburCoin Terms

Yosuke Yonetsu,CEO,studied law and has been involved in corporate legal affairs.

Yasuo Eguchi,Corporate officer,engaged in consulting business at CPA, tax accountant, administrative scrivener office and Acquire all shares of fromOne Consulting Group by M & A etc・・・

ExcaliburCoin Tokens ratio

Based ERC223TOKEN(Ethereum)
Total suply 65,000,000,000

※Previously it was 1 trillion, but it burned to 65 billion


ExcaliburCoin Exchanges





ExcaliburCoin Information

・ExcaliburCoin homepage

・ExcaliburCoin whitepaper

・ExcaliburCoin discord

・ExcaliburCoin twitter

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・ExcaliburCoin homepage

・ExcaliburCoin whitepaper